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Welcome to our website which should keep you abreast of all the Society’s news. The Provincial Society was established on 1 March 2003 and registered as a charity on 9 July 2004. Members receive a quarterly magazine and can attend special talks and events each year. The Society has published several books for the benefit of local transport historians. We work closely with the local bus company – First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd.

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Gosport and the Tram

In the December 2007 edition of ‘Provincial Press’, we reviewed a new paper which had been produced on ‘Gosport and the Tram, the Horse-Drawn Years’ by Philip Eley. A second revised edition has just been published. This contains some additions such as couple of photographs, including an aerial shot of the former tram stables and tram shed behind the India Arms, taken just before the area was cleared in the mid-1960s. Priced at £1.60, the paper is available at Gosport Tourist Office or Elson Library in Chantry Road, Gosport.

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