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Last updated: 10 January 2022

  YN54 NZD  - Scania CN94UB with Scania bodywork  
  T728 REU  - Dennis Dart SLF with Plaxton Pointer bodywork  
  H523 CTR - ACE Cougar V with Wadham Stringer B41F - click here for more information  
  ECG 112K - Bristol RELL6G with ECW B44D  
  EHO 869 - Guy Arab II with Park Royal H30/26R  
  Gosport & Fareham Tram - George Starbuck  
  Timetables - 1936 - Current  
  Photographs - Provincial Tramways through to modern day vehicles  

Publications - Fare Charts and leaflets from 1928 - Current

  Uniforms & Company Artefacts - G&FOC, Provincial, NBC, People's Provincial, First Group  

  Society Archives  

The following items are held in the Society archives

If you want to find a specific topic, e.g Black & White photos of Guys Arabs, this is what you need to do:

Look at the top of the columns on the spreadsheet and click on the downward facing arrow beneath the word: Category. This will open up a choice and you need to click onto 'Photo'. Then move the cursor onto the downward facing arrow beneath the work: Sub-Cat. This will open up another choice and you need to click onto: BW for black & white photos. Then move the cursor across to your right until you reach the heading: 'Chassis'. Click on the downward facing arrow to reveal the chassis types, move the cursor down to highlight the word: 'Guy'. By clicking on this you will see details of all the black and white photos of Guys vehicles held in the archives. The other column headings will provide descriptions of the photos as well as registration numbers of the buses

Happy hunting!


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