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  Ride & Dive 2022

Last updated: 19 February 2022


Free rides on a heritage bus to and from The Diving Museum at Stokes Bay on

28 & 29 August 2022

To celebrate the August Bank holiday weekend we are joining forces with The Diving Museum, and Bayside Cabin Café to bring you a Summer Seaside Day Out to Stokes Bay in Gosport.

On the 28th and 29th August, a vintage bus from the Provincial Society will do a free circular tour of Gosport starting at Gosport Bus Station (which is right beside the Gosport ferry terminal) stopping off at The Diving Museum in Stokes Bay.

Pre-booking is not required. Go to the Gosport Bus Station and look out for a vintage bus in the green and cream livery of the Provincial Bus Company at Coach Bay No. 3. You will receive a free souvenir bus ticket onboard the bus.

Present your souvenir bus ticket at the museum reception desk to get discounted entry price (Adults £4; Seniors and kids 3; Families £10).

Collect a voucher for a half price cuppa at Bayside Cabin Café from the reception desk. The Diving Museum guides will be on hand to give you a tour of the museum if you so wish. Our enthusiastic volunteer guides will make your visit enjoyable, eye-opening and fun – for young and old alike. After spending some time exploring Gosport’s diving heritage, visit Bayside Cabin Café which is right next door to the museum and present your voucher to get 50% off the price of a cuppa.

When you are ready, catch the same bus back to Gosport Bus Station.


Gosport Ferry - Stokes Bay
Via Fort Blockhouse (Departures from Coach Bay 3)
Gosport Ferry Dep 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600
Diving Museum Arr 1110 1210 1310 1410 1510 1610


Stokes Bay - Gosport Ferry
Via Fort Blockhouse (Departures opposite Diving Museum)
Diving Museum Dep 1110 1210 1310 1410 1510 1610
Gosport Ferry Arr 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620

Bring the family, jump aboard and enjoy a wonderful vintage summer weekend in Gosport.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Diving Museum Website

Note: All journeys are subject to driver and vehicle availability. Buses used on this free bus service are historic vehicles that were built before the concept of wheelchair access, so they do not have a wheelchair space or ramp and access step are narrow and high.




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