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Last updated: 31 May 2017

  Archive/Photograph of the Month  

For this month's feature, I have selected three items from our archive that relate to the celebrations surrounding the centenary of the promotion of the Gosport Street Tramways Bill in 1878.  This legislation paved the way for the construction by the Provincial Tramways Company of the horse-drawn tramway between Gosport Beach (later known as the Hard or Ferry) and Brockhurst which was destined to be superseded by electric tramways and the motor buses of the Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Company and its successors.  The first item is a photograph showing Bristol RELL ECG 110K posed at Hoeford depot with trophies that had been won in 1978 following the vehicle's repaint into traditional Provincial livery to mark the centenary (archive ref PS01717).  Painted by the company's coach painter Alan Pratt to a design by Society member Patrick Miller, the rear of the bus (inset top left, taken from our second archive item PS01529) carried Provincial's traditional garter surrounding the fleet number which was changed (on the bus only, not on paper) from 10 to 100, again to commemorate the centenary.  After winning the 'bus of the rally' cup at the Southsea Spectacular in 1978, ECG 110K retained its special livery until it was withdrawn in January 1984 and sadly sold for scrap.

The third item (inset bottom left), also produced in 1978 to commemorate the centenary, is a small badge based on Provincial's traditional garter design, surrounding the figure 100.  Donated recently to the Society's archive by John Sherwin, this artefact is currently on display to the public in the exhibition on Gosport's Buses & Trams at Gosport Gallery (part of the Discovery Centre).  The exhibition will be open until Saturday 8th July 2017 and includes many artefacts from the Society's archive and private collections so is a must-see for Provincial enthusiasts.  It also includes many photographs, some of which are on public display for the first time, and text boards charting the development of passenger transport by road in Gosport since the days of the stagecoach.

As always, any members (or non-members) with similar items that they would like to donate to the Society are requested to make contact using the following e-mail address: ProvSocArchive@gmail.com
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See below for delivery status of new vehicles


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On 10 February, 2017 the latest re-branded former Eclipse Volvo B7RLE poses in the yard at Empress Road depot just before leaving for its new home in Weymouth. Only one remains to be re-branded now and it is planned that one - no. 69554 - will be joining the others soon. Photo: John Sherwin



ADL E200MMC (Eclipse)

Fleet Number Reg No Status
67172 YX66 WBJ In Service
67173 YX66 WBL In Service
67174 YX66 WBM In Service
67175 YX66 WBN  In Service
67176 YX66 WBO In Service
67177 YX66 WBP In Service
67178 YX66 WBT In Service
67179 YX66 WBU In Service
67180 YX66 WBV In Service
67181 YX66 WBW In Service
67182 YX66 WBY In Service
67183 YX66 WBZ In Service
67184 YX66 WCA In Service
67185 YX66 WCC In Service
67186 YX66 WCD In Service
67187 YX66 WCE In Service
67188 YX66 WCG In Service

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