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Last updated: 28 February 2018

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Farewell Solent Darts

To mark the end of the road for the local Dennis Darts, this month’s photo feature shows the final Plaxton Pointer Dart SLF to operate in the Solent region which came out of service near the end of last month. This vehicle has been an exception for recent months as it has been used on the U2 service, a private contract for Portsmouth University which does not require DDA compliant buses. Most Darts saw the end of their life when those regulations came into force. No. 42728 (T728 REU) was first registered in March 1999 with B35F body and Euro2 engine. The Dart worked in Bath for a few years before transferring to Hoeford in 2005. It has remained in the Solent area since then and became the final Dart in the local fleet.

The image for this month, chosen by John Sherwin who took the photo, shows the same bus on another final occasion. For many years prior to the introduction of the X4 in 2012, route 80 operated between Fareham and Southampton. At various times during its history, the route was accompanied by some evening variations around Fareham – 80A, 80B and 80C. On 29 August, 2009, no. 42728 worked the final 80B ever to run. This shows it at the start of its final run from Southampton West Quay. Much to the amusement of the driver who asked John why he was taking such an interest in the nocturnal shot. When he explained its significance, the driver was astonished as he didn’t know anything about the removal of the 80B service from the timetable!

There is good news for the bus as it is destined for preservation to represent the once ubiquitous vehicle type for future generations to appreciate.

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See below for delivery status of new vehicles


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After 2 months Hoeford have placed the Enviros delivered before Xmas into service. 67198 - YX67 UZC - seen bound for Gosport in Redlands Lane, Fareham on 21/2/18



ADL E200MMC (Eclipse)

Fleet Number Reg No Status
67198 YX67 UZC In Service
67199 YX67 UZD In Service
67200 YX67 UZE In Service

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