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  Provincial Press Back Issues

Site last updated: 18 January 2023


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Issue 7 (January 2005)


Provincial in Print

Hoeford Hundred

Au Revoir Atlanteans

Before they were famous

Urbansbus Conversions

New Provincial Models

Experimental First Hampshire livery

Highlights of 2004

'All aboard for Provvy's Past!'

Market Place / Forthcoming events

On the move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 9 (June 2005)


Restoration of Leyland National 402

Any more fares please?

Nice day for a walk, wouldn't you say?

Hoeford Hundred

My Favourite Bus

Spotlight on Marshall bodied Darts

Odd Workings

Before They Were Famous

Market Place

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....





Issue 10 (September 2005)


My Favourite Bus

Sea Fareham - the Voyage of 55

Not up to speed!

Secrecy and security

Hoeford Hundred

Provincial Models

Gosport gathering - Photo review of Stokes Bay

Kentish Connections


Barbie 1, 2 or 3

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 16 (March 2007)


Before they Were Famous!

California Dreamin'

Quest for Provincial Guy-Deutz 36 (HHA 771E)

HOR 416L - 'Sylvia'

My Favourite Bus

Provincial in Wartime

From the Scrapbook

Unusual sightings from the recent past!

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....



Issue 25 (June 2009)

Forward by Richard Soper

25 years ago

Provincial at 25 - A look back to 1897

Gallery of 25

Provincial services 25 to Highbury

No 1 is now 25 years old!

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 34 (September 2011)


Service 80 - the story of  a bus route

Construction of Gosport tramways

Gallery - Provincial Guy Arabs from Southampton

From Hong Kong to Hampshire

Scheduling buses at Hoeford

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....




Issue 46 (September 2014)


Life Beyond First Hampshire - old friends in Swansea

REsounding success at Sultan

From Eyebright to Ranger!

Gallery - Word on the StreetLite

Upstairs, Downstairs

That other Provincial

Centenary of Provincial chars-a-banc in Gosport

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 52 (March 2016)


So long Solos

Provincial Steam bus

Gallery - Citaro Scene

Vanishing Volvos

Society visit to Lucketts Travel

Preservation news - Provincial No.77

One of a Kind - Coach No.67 JBK 668

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....




Issue 54 (September 2016)


Rural Fareham

End of an era - no more T!

Solent buses to Havant

Gallery - Rural Fareham rides

Capturing memories for the future

HMS Sultan summer show

My favourite bus / Society events

Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust

David Whitaker asks.... / Obituary

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 57 (June 2017)


Weymouth wanderings!

Wartime capacity problems part 1

Gallery - Travelled Tridents

Hoeford fire - The victims

Gosport's Buses and Trams

Recent conversions

Can you help the Cougar? / Team of Provincial conductors

Would you like to drive a Volvo Olympian? / New service

Rally review / Provincial on parade

New Trustees

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....




Issue 59 (December 2017)


All change at The Hard

Mayor of Gosport's Civic Day

Then and Now: Buses to Bridport

Gallery - Rally review

Opportunities for all members.....

Hoeford fire replacements Part 2 - HHA 84

Unexpected disaster!

Henry Lush

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 61 (June 2018)


The nomadic Enviro 200s

Provincial in the Great War 1914-18

55 - The missing years

My Favourite bus

Gallery - Springtime snow

Museum Project Group

Preservation news

Surprise from down under!

The wider picture

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....




Issue 62 (September 2018)


Slinking around Slough

Archive Corner - H&D Conductor Jarvis

Gallery - Fawley extras

Museum update

HMS Sultan summer show shuttles

Rally review

Brian Hay - 1948-2018

Service changes / Forthcoming events

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....


Issue 64 (March 2019)


Archive Corner - Fareham Bus Station

Forthcoming events

Another bus for the collection

Before and later!

Gallery - Volvo variations

Our vision for the future - museum update

On loan to Provicial - Tilling-Stevens Express UF 3075

Erratic Guys

Colourful contemporaries

Last Bus from Tipner?

On the Move

On the Open Platform.....




Issue 66 (September 2019)


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

New Arrivals

Gallery - More travelled Tridents

The Tramways office

Gosport-Royan Twinning Organisation visit to Southwick House

Activities with 57

Last of First / Latest on BRT

On the Move

On the Open Platform......


Issue 67 (December 2019)


Tribuite to John Sherwin

Tribute to Fred York


My Favourite Bus

Provincial loses it Independence

On the Move

On the Open Platform......


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